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iFLEX 2015 is over, but your opportunity to learn continues! AOCA recorded 15 sessions that were included in the following tracks: employee management, business practices, advertising & marketing, and technical training. Full descriptions of each session can be reviewed below.

Purchase iFLEX 2015 session recordings now through the AOCA store and receive access to audio and presentation materials. Use these to refresh your own knowledge and train your employees. Wondering what the recordings will look like? Check out a short demo from the hit session, Making Your Customers Love You by Giving Stellar Service 

Keynote Speaker and Former Disney Executive Dennis Snow closed the event out with clear and impactful takeaways on the keys to customer service excellence. All AOCA members are invited to download and print his handout, complete with templates you and your team can use to improve your own processes.

Sunday, March 8

9:00 - 4:00 pm

Managing Your Business by the Numbers
Presented by Norm Gaither, DSP Twenty Group
This full day workshop will cover 3 main areas of managing a business: increasing bottom line profits, understanding the importance of balance sheets and how and when to sell your business. Attendees will learn how 3 easy steps of operation will add 3% to the bottom line, how to balance payroll and profit, how to approach shop fees and shrinkage costs and why taking inventory is key. Attendees will walk away from this workshop with a process to determine what their business is worth and a plan for better business management.

*Pre-registration and additional fee required.
Member: $200; Non-Member: $300

Monday, March 9

9:10-10:00 am

Making Your Customers Love You by Giving Stellar Service
Presented by Roselyn Connor, Brandon & Connor Associates
Track: Business Practices
If you give people more than what they expect, you’ll win them away from your competition. “Don’t just fulfill what they need or would like, create what they’d love.” Perception is everything. There are probably few things that can’t be obtained in more than one place. To create the perception to your customers that what you have to offer is unique and exceptional, you must delve into the realm of their strongest desires. This seminar is a translation from customer service into the language of your business or organization. It’s designed to go deeper than most programs by getting your employees and management to understand the significant role each individual plays in delivering results and products that satisfy your customers. Seminar modules include: 

  • Preconditions to optimum communication with customers
  • Get it to them in the shortest time possible
  • Being first-rate with internal and external customers
  • Satisfying unmet wants
  • Going the extra mile to make customers happy
  • Avoiding mistakes and attitudes that cost more than just money
  • Using complaints as a science for improvement

Anyone attending this course will have a far more intricate understanding of what it takes to secure new customers and actively maintain present ones.

Now That's Sharp! Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies
Presented by Ted Janusz, Janus Presentations
Track: Advertising & Marketing
Your customers will encounter between 1,500 and 5,000 advertising impressions today. Does your company effectively cut through the clutter? Ted Janusz will provide you with tips on how your company can power through the congestion of today's advertising by discovering effective, low-cost marketing strategies. Learn how to outsmart without outspending your competition!

Stay Informed to Stay in Business
Presented by Joanna Johnson, Johnson Policy Associates
Track: Business Practices
Do you want to keep your car counts up and your risks low? Then you must understand how your biggest competitors are using regulation to their advantage and what you can do about it. In addition to learning about critical industry developments such as major impending changes to regulation of ATF services, warranty tricks used by automakers to keep consumers away from fast lubes and pit/lift safety, participants will also have the opportunity for real-time, cost-saving regulatory Q&A with AOCA's Policy Advisor. Fast lube operator attendees of this session will also be entered to win a raffle for a free business appraisal from Corporate Consultants International, Inc., providing key tips on what can make your business most valuable in today's market. Note: iFLEX registrants will have the chance to submit questions for this session in advance.

10:10-11:00 am

HR You Can Use! 5 Issues Keeping Business Executives Up At Night
Presented by Lori Kleiman, HR Topics
Track: Employee Management
Business leaders would rather run the organization than stay on top of HR compliance issues. But they may not have reached the point where hiring a part- or full-time HR person makes sense. As most small organizations grow, the people who lead them see human resources as more of a distraction than a help.  Our interactive program will walk managers through the five major questions that can cripple long-term growth. We have the answers to these and the other HR issues you face because of our proprietary survey of nearly 450 companies, averaging 78 employees. Our program gives you the answer you need to implement changes that will transform your business.

Time Refuses to Be Managed:  Manage Yourself Instead
Presented by Ted Janusz, Janus Presentations
Track: Business Practices
FACT: Getting organized is more involved than just time management. In this entertaining and fast-paced presentation, Ted Janusz of Janus Presentations will help you examine the following steps to get your life under control:

1) How to Get Ourselves More Organized

2) How to Get More Organized Through Others (Boss, Co-workers, and Subordinates)

How Online Engagement Can Help Grow Your Business
Presented by
Ben Moore, Net Driven
Track: Advertising & Marketing
Research shows that, even in 2014, small businesses are  still missing the boat when it comes to web presence. Building an online presence takes more than just creating a website with your business address and phone number, and a list of products that you sell.  Think of it as a virtual version of your business. A 24 hour digital showroom. What kind of impression is your digital doppelganger creating? Bottom line is your customers are online, and you should be too.

11:10 am -12:00 pm

Recruit Them Right, Retain Them Forever!
Presented by Lori Kleiman, HR Topics
Track: Employee Management
Through our interactive program, we will explore the never ending candidate pipeline, behavioral interviewing for successful selection and testing and evaluation techniques that can ensure success.  Finally, we’ll provide tools to evaluate the reasons team members leave your organization, and how to keep it from happening in the future.

Win-Win - Increase Ticket Average With a Service That is Also FREE to Your Customers!
Presented by TC Krueger, ClearShield
Track: Technical
Insurance companies pay for their customers windshield rock chips to be repaired in order to prevent further cracking.  You can provide this 5-minute service at NO COST to your customers. This service is also 100% profit (no COGS) and won't cannibalize your other ancillary sales! Learn how to take advantage of this service to create loyalty and a great customer experience in this educational session.

Increase Profit 30% in 30 Days
Presented by
AJ Rassamni, Great American Car Wash, & Money Maker Academy
Track: Business Practices
There are only four ways to increase revenue. During this session, you'll learn the four ways and will be giving examples of each: Increase the number of clients, increase the dollar per transaction, increase the frequency of visits, and control expenses.

Wednesday, March 11

9:00 - 9:50 am

"To Service or Not To Service?" That is the Question
Presented by David Haney, Oil & Lube Express, Ragan Holt, NOLN; Moderated by Dave Everett, Service Champ
Track: Business Practices
The big debate in the Oil Change industry is if you should add extra services or not. Join David Haney and Ragan Holt in a spirited debate over the success and failures of both models. Over the course of this program you will gain valuable information to help you decide which business model you should follow.

Double Your Upsell Rate with Simple Scripts!
Presented by Mark Mehling, Take Control Marketing
Track: Advertising & Marketing
Language is critical to up-sells and all but largely ignored by businesses. "Want fries with that?" was a highly developed (and effective) phrase, not a casual concoction. The difference of a few words can mean thousands of dollars in this business. Mark Mehling has visited over 30 different oil change facilities and has seen customers turned off. None of the employees used the simple laws of persuasion and influence proven in other industries. Imagine a system, not just a few off-hand remarks, that naturally builds trust, affinity, and long term relationships. If you want a simple, 'anyone-can-do-it' way to increase up-sells, you must attend this session.

It’s Not a Fluid Change, It’s a Sea Change
Presented by Joseph M. Henmueller, AMRA/MAP
Track: Business Practices
Your shop is now more than just a haven for fresh fluids, wiper blades and bulbs.  Along with all the parts, equipment and training for the new services you offer, you will face new challenges and rules for regulatory compliance, documentation and communicating with consumers in a manner that aligns with accepted industry standards.  Find out what issues you are facing today (and tomorrow) and how to deal with them at the shop level.

10:00-10:50 am

Fired With Enthusiasm
Presented by Glen Gould,
Track: Employee Management
Hall of Fame Coach Vince Lombardi said, "If you aren't fired up with enthusiasm, you'll be fired with enthusiasm."  This session provides a proven road-map that will ensure you can find enthusiasm in every situation, inspire others around you to be enthusiastic, and capitalize on it for greater results.

Social Media has Changed the World: Why is Your Marketing Still the Same?
Presented by Ben Moore, Net Driven
Track: Advertising & Marketing
Social Media is everywhere and it impacts your business! Everyone from teenagers to adults are posting, sharing, tweeting and blogging 24/7. The way people interact with each other and businesses they frequent has forever changed. Creating an effective business plan is the key to success while an ineffective plan can drive customers to the competition. In this session learn how to set yourself apart from the competition and keep up with your customer base.

Trends & Analysis Focusing on Materials, Designs, Components and Regulations New to the Automotive Aftermarket
Presented by Mike Morton, Federal-Mogul Motorparts

Track: Technical
In this session Mike Morton will discuss the Trends and Analysis happening in new vehicle production. You'll hear forecasts into the future concerning new vehicle materials, designs and components, including new state regulations concerning braking and friction components. 

11:00-11:50 am

Millenials – Our Future Customers and Employees?!?
Presented by Charlie Glueck & Brian Hahs, Jackson Fast Lube
Track: Employee Management
The future of our business depends on the next generation, “The Millennials.”  This group ranges in age from 18-34. They are not only our future customers but our future employees.  This group is known as the “Technology Babies.” They are the first group who is expected not to be as successful or make as much money as previous generations. How do we get this generation engaged in their work and how do we get them to care about their cars? This session is based on a semester long project in conjunction with Southeast Missouri State University. The university study is based solely on the oil change business. This information is invaluable to our industry and our futures.

Canister Oil Filters - Common Issues and Solutions
Presented by
Eric Frankenberger, Oil Changer
Track: Technical
Today's Canister Oil Filters have become more and more complicated and the liability of not recognizing the risk can be costly. Your customers, staff and pocket book will appreciate the simple recommendations of this session, which are designed to help eliminate issues and risk.


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