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Five Qualities of a Lasting Leader

by Barry Banther, founder and CEO, Banther Consulting

Leadership isn’t just something you do, it’s someone you become. But that requires a personal transformation, not just a personal agenda. Roger hadn’t learned that lesson. During an interview for a new leadership position, the hiring manager asked why he switched jobs, and sometimes companies, every 3-5 years.

Roger blamed the employees who stopped growing and doubted ownership’s commitment to the goal they asked him to reach. In other words, it had to be the environment because Roger was a "good” manager. Roger was half right– it was the environment. But he failed to recognize that he was responsible for creating that situation.

Lasting leaders, those who can weather economic downturns and even seismic market shifts in their employees or customers, are the ones who know how to assemble a diverse team and bring out their very best. If you’re not building relationships that will last with your associates, even your financial success will be short-lived.

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Just Added to iFLEX 2014: The Products that Should Be in Your Fast Lube's Inventory

Once there were very few fluid choices when doing automotive services, whether it was the transmission, power steering or differential. Today OEM recommendations have exploded with dozens of automatic transmission fluids, power steering fluids and differential fluids.

In this session, Greg Hewgill, ITW Professional Automotive Products, will take a quick look at the changes in technology and marketing that have brought us to this position and what service providers can do to balance OEM recommendations and customer needs without stocking hundreds of products.

Don't miss this enlightening educational opportunity! Join AOCA at the New Orleans Convention Center and Hilton New Orleans Riverside March 10-12 to gain some valuable knowledge.

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iFLEX 2014 Tradeshow Almost at Capacity

With more than 80 exhibitors and approximately 95% of the tradeshow floor sold at the New Orleans Convention Center, the iFLEX 2014 availble booth space is almost filled to its capacity! In addition, there will be more than 25 new suppliers in attendance this year.

If you are interested in exhibiting at iFLEX 2014 or sponsoring the event, there is still time!

Contact Jim Conlon, Director of Sales, via email, or call +1.312.673.4865 to secure your spot.

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Bill Grice Remembered

Nine-year AOCA member William Lee Grice, age 52, of Newark, DE, passed away on Sunday, February 2, 2014, following a hospital visit for the treatment of pneumonia.

Bill was the service manager at the Goodwrench Quick Lube at Williams Chevrolet in Elkton, MD. He was the crew chief for his nine-year-old daughter's Quarter Midget racing team and enjoyed working on her race cars.

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Feb. 2014

• Five Qualities of a Lasting Leader

•Just Added to iFLEX 2014: The Products that Should Be in Your Fast Lube's Inventory

• iFLEX 2014 Tradeshow Almost at Capacity

• Renew Your 2014 Membership Today!

Bill Grice Remembered


March 10-12, 2014
iFLEX 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana

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