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Leading in Crisis: The Four Traps of Decision Making

by Lucien Canton, consultant and author, Emergency Management: Concepts and Strategies for Effective Programs

During the second day's fighting at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, Colonel Strong Vincent, a brigade commander in the Army of the Potomac, learned from a passing courier that the Union left flank was undefended and that the Confederates were advancing on Little Round Top. Seizing this position would allow the Confederates to fire on the entire Union line and force the retreat of Union forces, opening the road to Washington. Recognizing the tactical significance of the position, Vincent, without waiting for orders, moved his brigade into a blocking position. What followed was one of the most dramatic and pivotal engagements of the war, one that decided the battle of Gettysburg and most probably the war itself. Though Vincent fell in the battle, his ability to recognize the crisis, to make critical decisions under pressure, and to deploy his resources inspired his brigade to hold the vital position on the Little Round Top.

Leadership in crisis is ultimately about decision making. Other critical steps, such as recognizing and isolating the crisis prepare you to make decisions, while the deployment of resources are based on the decisions made by the leader. The pivotal point in any crisis is the making of the decision about how one will deal with the crisis. Unfortunately, without recognizing the four traps of decision making, it is too easy to make the wrong decision.

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iFLEX 2014: The Driving Forces in Oil Today

Steve Swedberg, consultant and writer within the oil industry, will provide a primer on engine oils and educate lube shop owners and managers on what's up and coming in motor oils and fuels. This session will detail regulation changes such as the approved level of ethanol in fuels, the trends in synthetic and specialty oils and the differences between commercial and automotive oil needs to showcase the impact that these changes will have on the oil change industry.

Don't miss this enlightening educational opportunity! Join AOCA at the New Orleans Convention Center and Hilton New Orleans Riverside March 10-12 to gain some valuable knowledge.

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iFLEX 2014: Demo Areas and Networking Opportunities

Come to the iFLEX 2014 Exhibit Hall during exhibit hours to see live demonstrations from Suppliers who can help improve you bottom line or streamline your business. These 30-minute sessions will be invaluable for your businesses as you look to a more profitable 2014. Solid Start, VR-12, and Federated Insurance have already committed to present in New Orleans. More to come!

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Let's Not Let a Few Con Artists Drive a Wedge Between Professional Operators and the Motoring Public


In the December issue of Canadian Technician, Bruce Eccles praised CBC's Marketplace for exposing the fraud that occurred at a chain of fast lubes in Ontario. Mr. Eccles then went on to blast the entire fast lube industry, saying the service offered at many fast lubes is "questionable at best and fraudulent at worst.”

We agree that fraudulent practices should not be tolerated in our industry—the automotive maintenance and repair industry—and applaud CBC's efforts to help consumers recognize the good from the bad. However, we're disheartened to see that Mr. Eccles' article did not differentiate between the sole business featured in the Marketplace piece and the thousands of professional fast lube operators responsibly assisting consumers across North America every day. As CBC's automotive maintenance and repair expert Mark Sach-Anderson said in the Marketplace piece, "There are a lot of good oil change facilities. Unfortunately, there's a few bad ones and it spoils it for everybody.”

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*This column is also running in National Oil & Lube News - February issue.


Jan. 2014

• Leading in Crisis

• iFLEX 2014: The Driving Forces in Oil Today

• iFLEX 2014: Demo Areas Networking Opportunities

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Let's Not Let a Few Con Artists Drive a Wedge Between Professional Operators and the Motoring Public


March 10-12, 2014
iFLEX 2014
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