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AOCA Launches New Website and AOCA Talk Member Forum

Thursday, August 1, 2019  

On August 1st, AOCA launched a newly redesigned website, and an updated AOCA Talk member-forum. These technology upgrades put emphasis on the member experience like never before. The new streamlined website allows visitors to navigate the site with ease, and it offers mobile friendly capabilities. Members are able to sign up for an event or renew their membership seamlessly on their smartphone.

Peer to peer engagement is one of the primary reasons AOCA exists. The new website allows for easier engagement with your fellow members. The updated AOCA Talk member-forum is integrated with the AOCA website. No longer will members need to visit a separate website, or be required to have separate log-in information. Members will also be able to visit the AOCA Talk forum via a mobile app!

Our objective is to provide members with the tools, resources and connections needed to be successful in the fast lube business. We hope these upgrades will help you more easily connect with your peers, and access the benefits and resources available to AOCA members.