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On The Road With AOCA is here!

Sunday, November 17, 2019   (0 Comments)

Greetings AOCA!

Let's get right to it! I’ll just start firing away with some play by play. I've always been one to mix work with pleasure, so I headed out on Saturday, November 16 for a 5,000 mile adventure. This started as a chance to see 3 USAC National Midget Car races in Placerville, Bakersfield, and Ventura, CA.

With AOCA headquartered in Sacramento, CA I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to visit with our industry directors. Then the idea hit... Why not google lube centers throughout our travels for the next 2 weeks and share the AOCA message, benefits, and talk to or recruit new members?

On Saturday, we hit the road about 2 hours behind out of the gate due to a busy work week at Lucas Oil Center. 

After spending the day traveling and seeing what our beautiful Country has to offer, we camped out at a Walmart for the night. Rest was needed for the full day ahead!

On Sunday, I went out sharing news about AOCA (Automotive Oil Change Association) and seeing our industry workers in action in Claremore, OK. Manager Chris was very friendly and passionate about cars. After talking with Chris, I left him with some swag.

As I was getting ready to leave, a customer called out "Bill! I need a shirt too! My grandson races dirt late models in Michigan."

What a small world!

Then ended the night in Santa Rosa, NM in a RV park with quiet night of sleep with electrical power instead of generator. 

Signing off for now,

Bill Floyd

President of AOCA