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Once a month, AOCA provides its members with timely updates regarding government affairs initiatives. View past issues of the update below. If you have any questions about the Government Affair Update, please contact

What You Need To Know For August 

  • Better Business Bureau annual complaint statistics: fast lubes win, dealers lose!
  •  AOCA teams up with Auto Care and NORA to get solution to contaminated DIYer used oil
  • Bicoastal Subcommittee Corner:
  • CDFA Division of Measurement Standards plans to hold a workshop with CA BAR on W&M labeling and receipt requirements for automotive lubricants in Sacramento
  • Draft BAR Laws & Regulations reference book is available for review.

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Your AOCA Government Affairs Liaison

Joanna L. Johnson has represented AOCA since 1991 as both general counsel and currently, policy advisor. She is the President of Johnson Policy Associates, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in federal environmental, transportation, competition, and safety regulation. Formerly a partner in the law firm of Harris, Johnson & Stonecipher in Bozeman, Montana, which specialized in federal regulation and legislation, she also spent three years in Washington, D.C. as in-house counsel for multi-national trade associations. 

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee provides guidance and recommendations to the AOCA Board on legislative and regulatory issues pertaining to the fast lube industry and to AOCA, and to use appropriate resources to ensure an optimal business environment. If you are interested in joining the Government Affairs Committee, please contact AOCA Headquarters

Past Updates

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  • JanuaryAOCA developing Weights & Measures Training for transmission and engine oil products., New York anti-oil change legislation introduced again as Assembly Bill A680., University of Texas study supports mandatory state vehicle safety inspection., California Bureau of Automotive Repair puts oil change interval disclosures on hold; makes precedential decisions publicly available.
  • February - Ford F-150 pickup truck recall for transmission problems.; OSHA national inspection survey highlights – find out what they’re focusing on now.; California – Prop 65 mandatory cancer warnings & new legislation to require outing of auto repair shop violations; Everybody can use Washington State’s “Don’t Drip & Drive” Campaign
  • March - Federal Trade Commission to hold July Workshop on Product Repair Restrictions (a/k/a OEM tactics for violating the tie-in service prohibition) and seeks research by April 30, 2019.; Brown v. Hyundai, new class action takes aim at alleged engine defects in the Hyundai Elantra Nu engine—the same engine first identified as potentially defective by AOCA members in 2016.; Souls, Sportages & Tucsons: Hyundai-Kia recalling more vehicles for engine defects.; Connecticut taking action against Hyundai-Kia over vehicle defects covered in AOCA’s ongoing petition to the Federal Trade Commission and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.; Senator Blumenthal (D-CT) initiates parallel agency petition on Hyundai vehicle defects.; New Jersey Magnuson Moss Warranty Act legislation, S. 1712, reported from Senate Commerce Committee with amendments.
  • AprilReported product delivery shortages prompt alert to measure drums.; Easier consumer Magnuson Moss Warranty Act rights survey available - get onboard!; AOCA Government Affairs Committee Meeting at iFlex, May 13, 2019.; Reminder: the API engine oil testing program is voluntary.
  • May - New Online Magnuson Moss Warranty Act Operator Complaint Form—AOCA needs your data for the Federal Trade Commission’s MMWA workshop in July!; AOCA Government Affairs Committee approves Recommended Practice for Used Oil Filter Management.; Texas State Inspection Program advocacy is working—get involved!
  • June - Stop putting up with unfair competition—Use AOCA’s Online Magnuson Moss Warranty Act Operator Complaint Form Today; New Global Regulatory Change Could Affect Value of Used Oil Next Year; DIYer Used Oil Collection Survey to Create Operator Incentives with the Department of Energy; API announces rollout date for ILSAC GF-6A, GF-6B, and API SP as May 1, 2020.
  • July - AOCA & Aftermarket Reps push back on FTC's failure to enforce Magnuson Moss Warranty Act., Ford Focus & Fiesta transmission fiasco: Has it hit your shop? Let us know!, Engine oil and transmission fluid label & receipt training is a must, Pit Safety: Lawsuits may use OSHA regulation as a standard of care.
  • August - Better Business Bureau annual complaint statistics: fast lubes win, dealers lose!; AOCA teams up with Auto Care and NORA to get solution to contaminated DIYer used oil.; Bicoastal Subcommittee Corner (CDFA Division of Measurement Standards plans to hold a workshop with CA BAR on W&M labeling and receipt requirements for automotive lubricants in Sacramento. (Draft BAR Laws & Regulations reference book is available for review.)


  • JanuaryTransmission Product Labels & Receipts Regulation Effective January 1st, Federal "Injury Tracking Application" of Workplace Injuries
  • February Is Nissan favoring dealers with special engine oil allowances? Magnuson Moss Actions in California, Florida, Maryland & New Jersey, Kia/Hyundai Recall Update, Upcoming National Consumer Protection Week Marketing Opportunity
  • MarchTroublesome GM Engine Design Sparks Defects Concern, 0W16 Engine Oil—Can it be required if it’s not readily available? Fast Lube Industry Convention Time is Just Around the Corner! California/New York Continue to Stigmatize Severe Service Recommendations
  • ApriliFlex Transmission Product Labeling & Receipt Rules Education Session, AOCA Submits FOIA for MMWA Warning Letters Sent to Automakers, API SN Plus Rolls Out, CA Bureau of Automotive Repair Business Advisory Group Meeting, AOCA Submits Comments Challenging CA Oil Change Disclosure Proposal
  • May AOCA obtains Federal Trade Commission warning to Hyundai about Magnuson Moss Warranty Act violations, Government Affairs Committee drafting one-pager to help fast lube operators comply with Weights & Measures regulatory requirement for bulk oil delivery receipts, Membership open for new Bi-coastal Subcommittee to tackle fast lube issues in the high population, high regulation areas of California and the New York Metro.
  • JuneRecent OSHA Enforcement Targets, Getting Required Bulk Delivery Receipt Documentation From Distributors
  • July/August - AOCA Publishes the First State byState Weights & Measures Regulatory Guide on Transmission Fluid Labels and Receipts for Automotive Service Professionals, AOCA Questions NCWM Proposal to Require Installers to Notify Customers About Damages Associated with Obsolete Automaker Spec Oil like Dexos 1 Gen 1, More Hyundai Cars Show Engine Problems—Dealers Again Blame Aftermarket Oil Filters, Bicoastal Subcommittee Update, Government Affairs Committee Continues to Grow
  • September - The Legislative Assembly of World's 5th Largest Economy Defines "Preventative Maintenance" to Include Fuel System Induction Service, National Conference on Weights & Measures expanding support to state regulators for oversight on fuels, lubricants, and other automotive products, Texas Safety Inspection Association Annual Conference November 12-13, 2018, Electronic Estimates & Invoices Become Official Option in California
  • OctoberHow fuel system induction service became official “preventative maintenance” in California and what it means for the rest of the country, Federal Trade Commission tells OEMs to untie branded products and services from warranty coverage, Right to Repair rides again to tackle telematics.
  • November - AOCA files new complaint with Federal Trade Commission over Hyundai’s anti-Magnuson Moss Warranty Act brand tying in the 2018 Elantra owner’s manual., Free UST compliance webinar by State Enforcement Agents – in under 20 minutes find out exactly what they’re looking for since the 2015 regulatory overhaul kicked in., New Subaru/Toyota Recall—have any customers received dealership pushback on warranty coverage based on alleged deficiencies with fast lube products or services?, The “E” Word: electric vehicle charging stations are getting faster, and state incentives for installation are getting bigger.  Is it time to get on the map?
  • December - Class action against engine oil manufacturer reminds operators to remain vigilant about retail labels and distributor bulk delivery receipt requirements., Don’t be fooled: there is no API standard for transmission fluid., The Canadian fight against branded tie-in sales., The latest big ideas in advancing state safety inspection programs., California BAR releases draft “Write it Right” guidance on estimates that includes the new preventative maintenance exception.


  • January - Another Hurdle Cleared in Amending Anti-Competitive Transmission Fluid Regulation
  • February - Kia/Hyundai Class Action Settlements Support AOCA’s Petition to FTC & NHTSA \
  • March - Fast Lube Products & Services Under Scrutiny: What can you sell? What can you say about it? Part I
  • April - Texas State Inspection Program Under Fire
  • May - OSHA Caution Sign for Service Bays with Floor Openings
  • June - AOCA Customer Survey Proves Need for MMWA Disclosure in New Jersey
  • July - Why the Need for an AOCA Recommended Practice for Customer Oil Change Interval Management? 
  • August -  Transmission Product Compliance Subcommittee 
  • September - Oil Change Interval Disclosure Regulation Proposed
  • October - Transmission Product Compliance Subcommittee Update


  • January - New ATF Regulations: Blessing or Curse?
  • February - Opposition to SB 778
  • March - New Evidence Indicates Potential Engine Glitch Associated with Kia Oil Filter Mandate
  • May - Your Requests from iFLEX 2016 Fulfilled 
  • June - New Kia/Hyuinda Drain Plub Trouble and New Jersey MMWA Disclosure Legislation A2612 
  • July - Used Oil Recycling Industry Members Questioning Space Heaters
  • August - National Transmission Fluid Regulation Update
  • September
    • Update 1 - OSHA’s New Electronic Reporting Requirements for Some & Anti-Retaliation Rule for All
    • Update 2 - Transmission Fluid Regulation: It Starts in California and Moves East
  • October - State Attacks on Oil Change Interval Recommendations
  • November - Ford Jumps Ship on API Diesel Engine Oil Standard


  • November - State Regulators Take Aim at ATF Regulation
  • December - Magnuson-Moss Victory Spurs State Action