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Magnuson Moss Warranty Act Customer Rights Survey

Protect Consumer Automotive Warranty Rights

The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act prohibits warrantors, like automakers, from conditioning warranty coverage on the use of branded products unless they first prove to the Federal Trade Commission that ONLY those products will work or they give those products to customers for free. It’s called the prohibition against “tie-in sales,” and no automaker has yet received a waiver to get around it. An automaker must prove an aftermarket part or service caused damage before attempting to deny warranty coverage over either one. However, most customers don’t know that, which means they don’t protest when automakers and dealerships try to dump the burden of proof on them. The automakers and dealerships then use the lack of consumer protest as evidence that consumers aren’t being hurt by unlawful tie-in sales tactics. It’s a vicious circle of deception.

AOCA’s Consumer Automotive Rights Survey is the remedy. 

You can now empower your customers with the information they need to stand up for themselves while simultaneously generating the most powerful evidence you can take to your legislators: direct consumer data. In fact, state and federal lawmakers now commonly insist on hearing from consumers to legitimize any claims made by aggrieved business owners. 

AOCA has you covered to provide the survey according to your operating preference. Use one option or both—whatever works best for your staff and customer base! 

OPTION 1: Download the hard copy survey to hand to customers. Then click here to upload completed surveys scanned and saved as pdf files.

OPTION 2: Give your customers the digital link to access the survey on their smart phones, tablets, and computers.

OPTION 3: Hand out both hard copy surveys and the digital link.


Thank you for participating in this important national consumer education campaign!

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