Members Only Resources

The following resources are available to members only:

  • HR Solutions - Affinity HR Group offers discounted member pricing for the following services: HR Policies & Procedures, Recruiting & Placement, Compensation and Organization & Employee Development.
  • Member Discount Programs - The Automotive Oil Change Association uses its collective buying power to negotiate partnerships that offer cost savings and pertinent business programs for its member companies.
  • AOCA Talk - Is an email-based Q&A system where members can post a question that is then sent to all other participants. They, in turn, can post an answer that is also sent to the entire group.  
  • Technical Hotline - Allows you to get in contact with a wide variety of specialists by calling a Technical Hotline. The hotline is a great resource to answer any of your emergency questions.
  • Mentoring Program - You will be matched one-to-one with a veteran AOCA member for ideas, answers, or guidance about all kinds of issues that you face. 
  • International Buyers Co-OpThis purchasing co-op (or co-operative) allows single store operators and multiple store operators alike to join together to combine their collective purchasing power as one large group.

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