Online Technician Academy

The AOCA Online Technician Academy offers an easy and convenient way for members to ensure their technicians are educated and certified with industry standard. The academy provides an excellent interactive and informational program that is broken into 8 lessons and a final exam: 

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Things to Keep in Mind...

  • Course material is reviewed and updated every two years by the AOCA Education Committee.

  • Technicians can complete the academy at their own pace and repeat the lessons as many times as they need before the exam.

  • It is recommended that individuals take notes during each lesson.

  • There are mini exams at the end of each lesson that must be passed before the next lesson can be started.

  • If the student goes through the course over an extended period of time, be sure that they go back and review the materials before taking the final exam. 

  • Technicians are required to score an 80% or above in order to pass the final exam.

  • The final exam includes 100 multiple-choice questions.

  • The final exam must be taken at one time. Once you close down the program, it will assume you have completed the test, and you will get your score based on what you completed.

  • If the student fails the test, you will have to pay the fee for the student to retake the exam.

AOCA Learning requires an internet connection and is compatible with the following browsers*

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 through 10
  • Firefox 4.0, Chrome 4, Safari 5.1  

Please make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Reader

*The courses in the eLearning Center are not compatible with Apple mobile devices (iPhones, iPads), tablets with mobile web access or e-readers. However, they are compatible with all Mac personal computer software.