Recorded Webinars

Employment Insights − The Hidden Dangers of Oversharing

This webinar will explain some of the dangers of oversharing at work or with employees, and the potential claims that result when employees overshare with employers, co-workers, customers, and vendors.

Hackers Are Out to Get You!

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about a security breach or incident involving the loss of sensitive data to outside influence or “hackers.” We will discuss several layers of risk management that could or should be implemented to reduce a business’s exposure, as well as coverage options available to transfer this risk to an insurance carrier. Cyber-crime is the fastest growing and most dynamic exposure in business today and we’ll address strategies to minimize the risk.

What to Expect: Federal, State and Local Workplace Regulations

From mandatory E-verify to paid child-care and beyond, what will Congress and the Trump Administration do to workplace laws and regulations in the near future? While it’s difficult to get a read on it, there are some signals with regard to coming changes in workplace laws. Meanwhile, state and local governments continue to enact and update regulations of their own. Listen to this webinar recording for a look at regulatory trends and how you can be preparing for them, as well as an update to the Obama administration’s new overtime provisions that went into effect at the end of last year. Click here to access the recorded webinar.

Workers Compensation Managed Care: The 3-Legged Stool

Many people believe they have limited to no control over their workers compensation claims process. It can sometimes cause confusion, uncertainty, and at times, frustration. This webinar will focus on the three main and interconnected areas (3-legged stool) of workers compensation - prompt claims reporting, return to work/modified duty, and network provider utilization. If any one of those is missing, your program may be less stable than it could be! This webinar is a must see for those who manage the workers compensation within their business and are looking to improve their overall results. Click here to listen to the recorded webinar.


Free Webinar: Complying with New Overtime Rule - What you Need to Know and Your Questions Answered 


In this follow up to the successful spring webinar on these major overtime rule changes, you will learn more about the practical application of the new FLSA overtime rule change and how to build and implement a compliance strategy. Click here to listen to the recorded webinar.


Affinity HR Group will explain the rule change in clear terms and will take your questions, all with the goal of making sure you are ready for the new overtime rules when they take effect later this year.

Discussion topics include:

 Strategies for reclassifying or adjusting the pay of salaried employees earning less than $47,674 per year.

 Rules for what actually counts as hours worked, what wages must be included in overtime calculations, and the recordkeeping requirements of tracking this information.

 How to verify your employees are properly classified in the first place.



A Digital Tune-Up: Increasing Service Center Appointments

Click here to listen to Major Accounts Manager, Dustin Harris's presentation on, "A Digital Tune-Up: Increasing Service Center Appointments."  

Service centers know the key to keeping a vehicle running its best is a regular service schedule. What about your digital strategy? Google reports 77% of service shoppers and $88.2 billion in revenue can be swayed. Your digital strategy needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s running it’s best, too. This webinar, presented by PureCars, will walk you through the steps to creating a relevant service experience outside of the service lane, driving them from their computers to your service center. 

By listening to this webinar, attendees will come away with key takeaways such as:

  • How to incorporate data into your digital strategy
  • The key to engaging customers outside of your showroom
  • Fine-tuning a strategy to drive more appointments


Changes in Overtime Regulations

The U.S. Department of Labor has announced its long-anticipated changes to overtime rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). To listen to Affinity HR Group's webinar on the change and how it will affect employers, please click here.

The Affinity HR Group consulting team specializes in all facets of human resources, management and strategic workforce planning.


Prepare for the Disaster Today, so You're Open Tomorrow

The educational webinar, called "Prepare for the Disaster Today, so You're Open Tomorrow" was presented by Laramie Sandquist, Risk Manager of National Accounts and Pete Kalan, Field Services Training and Support Manager from Federated Insurance. Federated Insurance is one of the nation's leaders in automotive business insurance firms. They provide everything from garage keeper's liability, life, and group health insurance.

Data from the Institute for Business and Home Safety shows that 1 in 4 businesses that suffer a major loss never reopen; 80% of businesses without a well-conceived and tested business continuity plan go out of business within two years; and, 52% of businesses do not know what continuity measures to take. To learn how to be prepared for a disaster should it come knocking on your door, listen to this complimentary webinar.  This webinar reviews disaster-related issues facing business owners today, and will give you access to a remarkable tool to build your own business continuity plan. To listen to this recorded webinar, please click here

Please note: To access the webinar, you must download the Webex ARF player. The audio file for the webinar is quite large so it may take a couple minutes to download.


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