AOCA Weights & Measures Training


Anti-Fraud Weights & Measures Lubricants Label and Receipt Training Program Now Offered Online!

This training program applies to Installers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retail Sellers alike.  In fact, the underlying regulations are designed to be “contagious.”  Manufacturers and Distributors out of compliance pass their non-compliance onto Installers and Retailers.  Encourage everyone in your product distribution chain to verify they’ve been trained and are operating in regulatory compliance.

This year AOCA members get access to the only industry training program that teaches how to ensure operators and consumers receive the exact products they order while protecting their fast lube assets from NIST Handbook 130 engine oil and transmission product labeling and receipt requirement violations.

The rules can be tricky to decode.  AOCA’s training program was designed by fast lube operators and training experts to make an otherwise complicated subject easy to digest with real world graphics, supportive audio, straight forward text, and a corrective feedback test at the end.  It’s a great way to educate fast lube staff fast.

The cost to participate is $50 per individual and is only available to AOCA members. To become a member or for more information on membership,
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